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Officers for 2013
 - Joe Ress
 - Marty Smith
 - Sue Ann Cass
 - Bob Geiser
Day Hike Organizer
 - June Bretzin
Backpack Organizer
 - Bill Miller
Officers for 2014
 - Joe Ress
 - Marty Smith
 - open
 - Gina Mast
Day Hike Organizer
 - June Bretzin
Backpack Organizer
 - Bill Miller


° Tom "Raisin Bran Kid" Alexander's A.T. Hike (2013-14)
° Ibex on the AT (2014)
° Wired on the AT (2014)


  • Note: TICKS are really bad this year. Keep this in mind when going on any hikes!
  • Aug 23 (Sat) -  9:30am - Joe R will lead a Kelly's Island Hike/Bike Adventure. This hike will be a little different in that it will combine both hiking and biking. We’ll be exploring Kelley’s Island on our bikes and stopping at the various trails and points of interest around the island. Also, if you’ve been there before, you know it’s likely that it could be crowded, especially since it’s a vacation destination. There may be many cyclists and golf carts on the island that day. Also, don’t forget your bike lock.
    We will bike to three different hiking trails, (see map), on the island, each only about one to one and one-half miles long. Some of the points of interest are Inscription Rock, the beach and glacial grooves. The old quarry area is quite interesting, too. I explored it a little last summer and this is one of the reasons I wanted to go back again! We can have Lake Erie perch for lunch, too, if you like.
    Let’s meet at the Kelley’s Island Ferry by 9:30 AM with our bikes so that we can catch the 10:00 ferry. We could ride around a little and have earlyish lunch or ride more and eat a later lunch. I think the restaurants get a little crowded at lunch. Anyway – the group can decide. Last year, there was a big chicken barbeque as I was there on this same weekend –we could do that too, if we see it. We can hike and bike the day away and leave whenever you get pooped out! There’s also nice restaurants in Marblehead for when you get back. Should be a fun day!
    Don’t forget to RSVP to me for this Saturday’s hike/bike trip to Kelleys Island. If you ARE going – please RSVP to me by Friday afternoon so I can get an idea of how many to expect at the Kellys Island Ferry by 9:30 AM Saturday morning. So far, about 8 are going. Thanks. - Joe
  • Aug 29-Sep 1 - Backpacking - North Fork Mtn Trail, WV

  • Sep 14 (Sun) - 2pm - Susan H will lead a Day Hike to Ramser Arboretum. Join us for a hike thru the 680 acres of Russ Ramser's Arboretum. Started in 1989 by Russ and Guided by ODNR Forester Harold Bower, it is a fine example of reclaimed farmland. The property is located in Jelloway, Ohio between Loudonville and Mount Vernon on State Route 3. Right behind the Jelloway United Methodist Church at the intersection of State Route 3 and 205. Plenty of parking and a nice port-a-john. A bring your own picnic dinner to follow.
  • Sep 19 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - possible campfire and social time - drinks Becky S. & snacks June B.
  • Sep 21 (Sun) - Charlie D will lead a Day Hike to Punderson State Park. The park is located in Geauga County, on Rte. 87, between Newbury and Burton. We'll meet at the Lodge at 2:00pm. Hike will be 5 miles, moderate difficulty.
  • Sep 27-28 - Jim Seaman will lead a leisureley fall backpacking trip on the Morrison Hiking Trail in Warren, PA.
  • Sep 26-28 - Backpacking - Indiana?

  • Oct 4 (Sat) - Joe R & Larry H will lead a Day Hike to - TBA
  • Oct 11 (Sat) - Brewster Sugarcreek Historical Society presents a dinner theater at the Wandle House in Brewster. "Riding the Rough Rails!"  By Chris Hart, re-enactor. Dinner 6pm. Show. 7pm. Or during the meal. Tickets $12. See or call  Marty.
  • Oct 17 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Chuck H. will have a program about the John Muir trail - drinks Linda M. & snacks Judy D. The John Muir Trail is a long-distance trail in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, passing through Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.
  • Oct 19 (Sun) - Marty S will lead a Day Hike to We will be hiking in North Canton. East of market street on Schneider road. Located Between Easton & 55 th Street. Meet across GlenOak High School off Schneider road at Schneider Park. Behind fire station at 1:00 PM Easy 4-7 mile hike on limestone. Around lake, railroad tracks and through Gervasi Vineyard. To see the fall colors! Lunch at Winking Lizzard close by. - Marty smith
  • Oct 24-26 - Backpacking - North Country Trail, PA

  • Nov 2 (Sun) - Becky S will lead a Day Hike to Silver Creek, Wadsworth
  • Nov 15-16 (Sat/Sun) - Forrest W will lead "Weekend in the Woods" Day Hikes. (Flyer with more info) Clear Creek Nature Preserve (Sat. 1pm) and Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve (Sun. 10:30am) near Lancaster, OH. Come for just a day or stay the night and do both hikes. Clear Creek Nature Preserve is Ohio's largest nature preserve with nearly 5,000 acres and is home to over 1,200 plant species and more than 150 species of birds. Boch Hollow State Nature Preserve's 570 acres is now open to the public.
  • Nov 21 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Joe R and others will show pictures from their "Four Corners" trip. - drinks Sarah H. & snacks Carol H.

  • Dec 5 (Fri) - Joe R will lead a Night Hike to view Christmas Lights in Massillon.
  • Dec 12 (Fri) - 6:30pm - Christmas Dinner.

~ 2015 ~
  • Jan 16 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - yearly hike planning meeting - drinks __ & snacks __.
  • f.y.i. Jan 17 (Sat) - 9am-11am start times - 50th Annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike. Last January, some 5,600 hikers were treated to the awesome beauty of the sun sparkling on icy waterfalls, and sandstone rock formations covered with newly fallen snow. This year's hikers will hope for the same wintry weather, but will not be disappointed, no matter what the forecast. The rugged beauty of this region is a delight all by itself, and in any season.
  • f.y.i. Feb 7 (Sat) - 10am - 35th Annual Findley State Park Winter Hike - Enjoy the best hiking day and the best bean soup, with the hardiest hikers in Ohio.  This event is sponsored by the park and the BTA.  Hikes includes a 10k, 5k and interpretive lead hikes. Meet at the nature center in the campground. Bean soup is provided by the non-profit Friends of Findley State Park, Inc. and donations are appreciation.
  • Jun - tentative canoe trip to Boundary Waters & backpacking trip on the Superior Hiking Trail

Past Meetings

  • Aug 15 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - outdoor movie night featuring The Way.
    Movie sequence ~ 2013-The Way Back ~ 2014-The Way ~ 2015-The
  • Jul 18 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - hike the TWC trails - 
  • Jun 20 (Fri) - 6:30pm - Summer picnic.
  • May 16 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Carrie talked about milkweed and monarchs .. and insect legs stuck in milkweed.
  • Apr 11 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Dan Buehler came up with a great idea for our entertainment. Since that evening will also be our annual camp out in the shelter area, it was suggested that we all bring a backpacking, a day hiking item or clothing that may be a favorite, unusual, or just plain stupid item for our own show and tell program.
  • Apr 12 (Sat) - Earth Day booth.
  • Mar 21 What's Up? at the Planetarium given by TWC Education Chairman Joann Ballard.
  • Feb 21 - Paul M's canoe trip in the Boundary Waters
  • Jan 17 - Trip planning for 2014
  • Dec 13 (Fri) - 6pm - Club Christmas Party at TWC
  • Nov 15 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Michael Hocker, Director, Ohio Lincoln Highway Historical Byway explained how the highway was developed and showed a DVD about the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway.
  • Oct 18 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Paul Stutzman had a slide show about his Biking Through trip across the USA.
  • Sep 20 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Scott O. had a slide show about the trip (Jul 12-22, 2012) to Banff National Park in Canada.
  • Aug 16 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting - Movie night in one of the pavilions. Inspired by an incredible true story, The Way Back begins in 1940 when seven prisoners attempt the impossible: escape from a brutal Siberian gulag. Thus begins a treacherous 4,500-mile trek to freedom across the world's most merciless landscapes.
  • Jul 19 (Fri) - 7:30pm - Club Meeting was to be a hike around TWC before the storm damage.
  • Jun 21 (Fri) - 6:30pm - Club Picnic - The club is celebrating our 30th year and Fritz & Alice's 59th anniversary.
  • May 16 - Charlie Daigen had a slide show of his Mt. Whitney trip.
  • Apr 19/20 - No program but 50 minutes of announcements and trip reports followed by a social time at the Prairie Shelter. We watched a variety of videos including ANoBoTale about hiking the A.T. - BioLite Camp Stove - The Handy Hammock - Juggling Fire - Mike's New Car - Mohican: The Long View - NASA Johnson Style - Paperman - Presto - The Lorax - multiple episodes of Mr. Bean - and the favorite .. Strap and Crap. We had four stay overnight. On Saturday morning other club members arrived and we had about a dozen people show up to ask questions and look around. A couple expressed interest in joining the club.
  • Mar 15 - Charlie D. had a slide show of his trips to western parks in Alaska, Wyoming, etc.
  • Feb 15 - Fritz S. showed pictures from their trip to Colorado last June.
  • Jan 18 - Trip planning for 2013.

  • Dec 14 - Christmas party and white elephant gift exchange.
  • Nov 16 - Joe R. had a short video and discussion about hiking & backpacking First Aid.
    Wilderness & Remote First Aid - Red Cross
  • Oct 19 - "Farther Than The Eye Can See"  blind climber Eric Weihenmayer's renowned summit of Mt. Everest
  • Sep 21 - Charlie Daigan's Mt. Shasta trip
  • Aug 17 - Stark Parks
  • Jul 20 - Hike around TWC
  • Jun 15 - Club Summer Picnic
  • May 18 - Chuck Hewett talked about his 2011 AT Hike.
  • Apr 20 - 
  • Mar 16 - Confirmation of officers, decision to buy a solar panel, trip reports.
  • Feb 17 - Trip & Hike Planning for 2012
  • Jan 20 - No Club Meeting - cancelled due to storm forecast.
  • Dec 16 - Christmas Party 
  • Nov 18 - Phillip Revlock, R.S. spoke about Mosquitoes and Ticks.

Past Day Hikes

  • Aug 10 (Sun) - Monique T led a Day Hike at Wooster Memorial Park. Nine hikers met in the main parking area on Silver Road. Hike at 2 pm. We hiked the outer loop which made a 4.1 mile hike. Afterwards some went to the El Tapatio Mexican restaurant on SR 3 north of Wooster.
  • Jul 27 (Sun) - 2pm - Fritz organized a Day Hike around the OARDC (Wooster) to look at the flowers. ​The dayhikers had a hike at the Secrest arboretum on Sunday, July 27. Twelve hikers attended. We started at the Rose Garden in a slight drizzle with umbrellas out. The hike was along the western edge of the arboretum with good vistas of the OARDC, then along the north side. The drizzle turned into a light rain and it was decided to cut the hike short. On the way back to the cars we viewed the residual tornado damage and extensive replanting. It was interesting to note that the Dawn Redwood, Bald Cypress and hemlock were not destroyed as were the hardwoods and pine species around them. The replanted trees were all thriving. The meadows between the new trees had many interesting prairie species. We had a good early dinner at Jakes Restaurant on old Rt 30 east of Wooster.
  • Jul 6 (Sun) - Gary A led a Day Hike to Ott's Lost Forest, Tippercanoe, Ohio. It is a 380 acre tree farm. The farm was picked as the tree farm of the year in 1996 . There were 19 hikers that came out for the hike and covered dish supper. The weather was great, not too hot and no rain. Ron Ott owner lead the hike and gave very interesting facts about our forests here in Ohio. Some of the hikers went with Ron on the water creeks and high lands. Gary took about half the hikers on the low lands. The hikers then all met together again at the farm wagon where we were then returned by tractor to the farm house for hot dogs and home cooked dishes. The day ended about 8:30 pm with tired hikers that enjoyed a wonderful day and hike. Gary Auman

  • Jun 29 (Sun) - Carol H and Sarah H led a Day Hike to Beaver Creek State Park.
  • Jun 28 (Sat) - 9am Larry & Susan H led a bike, hike & hostas trip from Bucks restaurant in Lexington to the Wade and Gatton Nursery. - - We Had An Intimate Group Of Six For The Ride On Saturday June 27 Th. Oand It Was Wonderful. The Weather Was Warm And Dry With A High Of About 87 Deg. Mr. Wade Took Us For A Personal Tour Of The Nursery And A Brief History Lesson. The Nursery Goes Back To 1928 And There Have Been 6 Generations Working On The Land. They Are The Largest Hosta Producers In The World And Have Over 3000 Varieties. They Are Continually Adding New Plants With New Colors And Leaf Structures In All Sizes And Shapes. The Most Surprising Thing To Me Was That Hostas Are Only 10% Of Their Business. The Trail Was In Very Good Shape And The Twp. Roads We Traveled Were All Very Smooth And Quiet. I Enjoyed The Meal At Bucks And Like That It Is So Close To The Trail And We Have Our Own Parking Area (Back By The Dumpsters). I Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Came Out And Hope You Enjoyed It As Much As Susan And I. Happy Biking. Larry & Susan P.S. Maybe The Next Time We Can Ride The Go-Karts?
  • Jun 22 (Sun) 10:30am - Forrest W led a bike ride on the Wabash-Cannonball rail trail near Toledo. (Map)
  • Jun 1 (Sun) 2pm - Donna Z led a Day Hike at Alderfer-Oenslager Wildlife Sanctuary in Medina county. Hot day, nice easy walk, with pine forests, ponds, woodland forest, and prairie. There were 5 hikers. We ate at Maries in Wadsworth.

  • May 31-Jun 1 Charlie D. led the continuation of our “Grand River Expedition”. We picked up where we left off last year at the Harpersfield Dam and paddle downstream for two days, ending up at Fairport Harbor (Lake Erie).
  • May 18 (Sun) - 2pm - Joe R led a Day Hike to Walborn Reservoir. We met at the marina on Price Rd. 
  • May 04 (Sun) - 2pm  - Fifteen hikers showed up for the Day Hike at the North Chagrin Reservation led by Scott and Jessica. An interesting feature of the reservation is Squire's Castle. Built at the turn of the century by F.B. Squire, it was to serve as the gatehouse of his country estate, but plans for the remainder of the estate never materialized. We met at the Squire's Castle Picnic Area & Trailhead, checked out the castle, hiked 4-5 miles of trails, and went to Becky's Bistro afterwards.
  • Apr 29-May 7 - Joe R led a Day Hiker trip to the four-corner area. (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado)
  • Apr 06 (Sun) - 2pm - Seven Ranges Scout Camp hike organized by Paul M. Perfect weather for the group of 23 who ate afterwards at Classic 57 in Minerva.
  • Mar 23 (Sun) 2pm - Dan A led a Day Hike to Tappan Lake. We had a very good turn out Sunday on our day hike. [ 23 hikers ] We shuttled all the hikers and half the cars to the start of the trail head. It was a cool but sunny afternoon when we headed east on the Buckeye Trail back to the campgrounds. What I liked most about this hike was the beautiful view we had of Tappan Lake that is only seen when there are no leaves on the trees. We also had a very wide range of ages in our group. Some as young as eleven, others in their sixties and every age in between. I thought that was really nice. It took a little longer than I though, but we finally got back to the campgrounds about 6:00 pm. Sure glad we turned the clocks ahead. After getting everyone back to their cars we left for Le Pueblitoe Mexican restaurant and had a very good Mexican dinner. Turned out to be a great day and a great hike. I’d like to thanks everyone for going. --- Dan A.
  • Mar 9 Tom led a 5 mi. day hike at Mohican State park.
  • Feb 23 (Sun) - Ken & Cheryl led a Day Hike at Quail Hollow - 13480 Congress Lake Road, Hartville, OH.
    Sixteen hikers turned out for the Quail Hollow hike. The weather was good with temps around 40°. The trails however were still mostly snow covered and soft. The snow was the consistancy of a snowcone or loose sand and made the hiking rather tiring with all of the extra slipping. We took a more direct trail back to the cars and logged in about 3.5 miles. I don't think I heard anyone complain about not getting the full five miles in. Dinner was at Carlo's. ~ Park Map
  • Feb 2 (Sun) - Winter Picnic & Hike & ETC. In beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park at the Ledges Shelter on Truxell Rd. Ledges Shelter Map
  • Jan 12 (Sun) - 2pm - June B. led a Day Hike in the C.V.N.P. We met at Red Lock Trailhead on Highland road - 1/2 mile East of Riverview and Vaughan Road. Restrooms at trailhead. 4-mile easy hike.
  • Dec 06 - (Fri) - 6pm - Joe R. led a Night Hike from the closed custard stand on Amherst Rd. and walked around the old neighborhoods of Massillon looking at "twinkly" lights.  
  • Nov 24 - (Sun) - 2pm - Becky S. led a Day Hike at Camp Buckeye. Supper was at El Campesino in Strasburg.
  • Nov 03 (Sun) - 2pm - Janice T. led a Day Hike at Portage Lakes State Park - (pdf map)
  • Oct 20 (Sun) - 2pm - Forrest W. led a Day Hike to The West Woods in Geauga County. (Trail Map - PDF
  • Oct 06 (Sun) - 2pm - Charlie D. led a 6 mile Day Hike with 7-8 people at Towner's Woods - after some fresh cider and apple dumplings from a nearby orchard, they went to the historic Pufferbelly Restaurant in Kent.
  • Sep 22 (Sun) - 2:00pm - Jerry M. led a Day Hike on the Salt Run Trail (Kendall Lake) in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
  • Sep 08 (Sun) - 1pm - Carol H. & Sarah will led a Day Hike at Wooster Memorial Park. [PDF Map
  • Aug 24 (Sat) 10am - Monique T. organized a bike ride on the Kokosing Gap trail from Danville to Mt. Vernon. (PDF Map)
  • Aug 25 (Sun) 2pm - Dan A. led a Day Hike at the Beach City Wildlife Area / Dundee Falls. (JPG Map)
  • Aug 17-18 (Sat/Sun) - Charlie Daigen led a canoe trip down the Grand River in Ashtabula County.
  • Aug 03 (Sat) - 8:30am - Larry H. & Tom A. led a Day Hike at the Glenmont Homecoming. It was a great day to be in Glenmont! It rained all night on Friday and was still raining as I set out supplies at 7:30am, but the rains stopped and Saturday was a very nice day with temps in the 70s. 23 people attended the hike for some part. We met at St. Peter & Paul's Catholic Church in Glenmont and the Brewers really hooked us up. The room had a full kitchen, bathrooms, and even table cloths. We had our breakfast of Raisin Bran and juice. We gave Tom the giant hero's ribbon and a special "A.T." hiking stick and then Tom was able to say a few words. We broke up into two groups - 6 went with Dan A. to see the new tunnel under US 62 and do the 8-mile hike starting at the Bridge of Dreams (longest covered bridge in Ohio) - and 6 went with Larry to do the 4-mile hike starting at Baddow Pass (originally known as Bad Old Pass due to the steepness of the grade). Drivers were provided and the two groups set out. The short trip hikers heard some tales of Baddow Pass and started for town. We got to town in time to get a drink and find some seats in the shade and prepare ourselves for the noon parade which started promptly at 1pm. When the parade was over we headed to the park for mud volleyball (as spectators). The long trip hikers got back to town on schedule and we went to the community center for bar-b-que. After the dinner, pie and ice cream - we called it a day. I am sure Tom appreciated the event and I had a great time. My vote is to make this a yearly event!. - Larry H.
  • Jul 21 - (Sun) - 2pm - Donna Z. led a Day Hike at Hampton Hills Park, 2925 Akron Peninsula Rd, Akron, OH. The park is between Bath Road and Steels Corners Road. Restroom facilities at the trailhead. Hike is approximately 4 miles and rated medium. We will eat afterwards at Pub Bricco on Merriman Road.
  • Jul 07 (Sun) - 2pm - Gary A. led a Day Hike on the Boston Run Trail. This is a trail that we had not done before in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 
  • Jun 22 (Sat) - 10:30am - Monique led a day hike at Byers Woods during the Bobolink festival.  (map)
  • Jun 15-16 (Sat/Sun) -  Joe R. led a Day Hike / overnight near Slippery Rock at McConnells Mill State Park in PA. On an adventure scale from 1-10 it was an 11. It was a good trail, but the last mile from the mill down to the bridge and back up was difficult and not enough water was taken along. 
  • May 19 (Sun) 1pm - Paul & Linda M. led a floating clean up at Ernie's Bike Shop in Massillon. We had 14 people who gathered a nice pile of trash.
  • May 5 (Sun) - 2pm - Fritz led a Day Hike at the Wooster Secrest Arboretum. 
  • Apr 28 (Sun) - 1:30pm - Randy Starner led a Day Hike on the Holmes County Trail starting at the Millersburg Station.
  • Apr 07 (Sun) - 2pm - Larry H. led a Day Hike at Mohican. The weather was beautiful and 23 hikers came out to do "HOG HOLLOW".  We had the regulars as well as new members, old members, and a number of out-of-state guests.  The hike started at the bottom of the gorge and climbed to the peak of the fire tower.  From river level we crossed the six new bridges and a number of board walks built by the Mohican Hiking Club as we followed the creek up the valley.  We then passed thru the woods up to the rear of the old youth camp.  Then past a few gas line roads till we came to the base of the 1937 fire tower.  A couple of hills, some ups & downs, but a good 2.3 mile hike.  After yoga, pictures, and some fire tower climbing it was time to return to the covered bridge.  The return trip was "all down hill" as promised!  All of the hikers stayed for supper at the Lodge and we had a great meal in the Bromfield Room.  In case you were not able to join us - you can still do Susan's homework assignment.  Log into and click on the 13 minute video "MOHICAN THE LONG VIEW" and the 4 minute video "THE WOODS AT MALABAR".  This will tell you how "HOG HOLLOW" was named and show you pictures of the park and fire tower being built.
  • Mar 17 (Sun) - 1pm - Ken & Cheryl led a Day Hike at Salt Fork starting at Horse Camp. [Map
  • Mar 03 (Sun) - 10am - Linda M. led a different type hike in Cuyahoga Valley Nat. Park. On a beautiful snowy morning a group of nine avid hikers ventured out from Station Road Bridge, walking on railroad tracks for about one mile, then entered the woods , hiking the Buckeye Trail to Ottawa Point for a lunch break then on to Brecksville Nature Center. Some of the group stayed at the Nature Center and enjoyed the birds while the others hiked the walking trail back to Station Road Bridge totaling 7.6 mi. Dinner & fellowship was enjoyed at Creekside in Brecksville.
  • Feb 24 (Sun) - 2pm - Marty S. led a Day Hike on the Ralph Regula towpath trail. (12) met at Crystal Springs parking lot and hike 2.7 miles north and back again. Afterwards (10) of us ate at the Towpath Restaurant.
  • Feb 10 (Sun) - 2pm - June B. led a Day Hike on Wetmore Bridle Trail. <Map>
  • Jan 27 - Larry H. led a hike at Mohican followed by a meal at the lodge.
  • Jan 19-20 (Sat-Sun) 48th Hocking Hills Winter Hike. We had (11) participate in the weekend. After the winter hike, we drove over to Burr Oak to split into two deluxe cabins for an evening of food and relaxation. Sunday morning we took a 3.4 mile hike on part of the Buckeye Trail before heading back.
  • Jan 13 (Sun) - Winter picnic, Shady Hollow Pavilion, Sand Run Metro Park, Akron. We had a morning hike, a picnic at 2 with a Chili Cook-off and Soup Cook-off, and an afternoon hike.

  • Dec 7 (Fri) - 6:30pm - Joe R. led a Night Hike through a section of Massillon to look at Christmas lights.
  • Nov 18, (Sun) - Scott O. led a Day Hike on the Sippo Trail. Eight hikers met in the Tuslaw High School parking lot. By 4pm we were seated at the Top of the Viaduct restaurant. By 6:30pm we had returned to Tuslaw High School completing the 9-mile hike.
  • Nov 4, (Sun) - Nov 4, (Sun) - Becky S. led a Day Hike to the Beach City Dam area.
  • Oct 21, (Sun) - Charlie D. led a Day Hike in the CVNP, starting from the Everett Road Covered Bridge. 
  • Oct 13, (Sat) - Joe R. led an informational stop at the Calmoutier Church, a hike up through Hog Back Ridge, and supper at Anna Hershberger's. The hike was "sold out" and everyone enjoyed the great weather, fall colors, and family style meal with more pie than we could finish.
  • Sep 23, (Sun) - Janice T. led a Day Hike at Southgate Park
  • Sep 9, (Sun) - 2pm - Larry & Susan H. led a Day Hike at Camp Mowhana.
  • Aug 19 - 2pm - Ken and Cheryl led a Day Hike at Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, the first park district in Ohio, established in 1891. Twelve people came to the hike about 5 miles on mostly natural surface, shady trails, deep in Mill Creek gorge, which made it feel like we were not in a city park. Who would have thought of mink in the city park? But there are, and June got to see one. The stop
    half-way for refreshment at Lanterman’s Mill added to our enjoyment. Thank you to all who came. Ken and I were delighted to be able share this gem. And yes, of course, we did have dinner. We went to Thano’s, a family restaurant.
  • Aug 4 (Sat) 2pm - Tom Alexander led a Day Hike on the Glenmont Trail. Seven met at Glenmont Park and hiked across the longest covered bridge in Ohio on the Mohican Valley Trail and through the Bada Pass down into Glenmont. We ended the hike enjoying homemade ice cream, BBQ chicken and pie.
  • Jul 22, (Sun) - Greg G. led a Day Hike in North Canton. We met at the new Glen Oak High School near 1801 Schneider Street and afterwards ate at the Gervasi Vineyard & Italian Bistro.[Map]
  • Jul 8 (Sun) 2pm - Gary Auman led a Day Hike on a section of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath in Summit county. Afterwards they had a covered dish dinner at Gary Auman's home.
  • Jun 24 (Sun) 2pm - Monique T. led a Day Hike at the Wooster Memorial Park.
  • Jun 17 (Sun) 12:15pm - Paul M. organized a Voyageur canoe ride at Hinckley Reservation (all 16 seats taken). (Map) Afterwards they had a picnic lunch and short hike.
  • Jun 3 (Sun) - 2pm - Donna Z's Day Hike at the Botzum parking lot off Riverview in Cuyahoga Valley. (Towpath Map)
  • May 6, (Sun) - 2:00pm - Dan & Joyce A. led a dozen hikers on a 6-mile Day Hike at Mohican State Park along the Hemlock Trail. Afterwards we had a picnic along the river.
  • Apr 28 (Sat) - Eleven of us joined Boy Scouts from Troop 916 on a Mystery Hike. Paul organized the challenges and we had five teams of two. The winning team was... June & Cheryl.
  • Apr 1 (Sun) - 2pm - Greg G. led a group of over 20 around the trails at Norma Johnson Center. Afterwards about 15 went to the Hog Heaven Restaurant.
  • Mar 18, (Sun) - 2pm - Joe R. led a Day Hike at Sippo Park in Massillon.
  • Mar 11 (Sun) - 2pm - Marty S. led a Day Hike on the Ohio Erie Canal. We had about 20 meet at the Craig Pittman Park, 8201 Hudson Drive SW, Navarre to hike up to Warmington Rd. and back. Afterwards 16 went to El Galeron Mexican Restaurant.
  • Feb 19, (Sun) 10am - Day Hike & Picnic at Shady Hollow Pavilion, Sand Run Metro Park
  • Feb 4 (Sat) 10am - 32nd Annual Buckeye Trail Winter Hike, Findley State Park ~ not a club function.
  • Feb 4 (Sat)- 6:30pm - Full Moon Hike led by Paul Mutchler.
  • Jan 29 (Sun) - 2pm - Greg Gottshall led a hike with (11) attending at Johnson's Woods north of Orrville. 
    "Dear Hikers, I would 1st like to thank all who showed up for the hike at Johnson's Woods in Orrville 0n the 29th of January. Twelve people showed up on that windy day. We walked on a boardwalk that led us through the preserve of 300 year old trees. We did learn of a specie of bird called an OVENBIRD. A lot of us had not heard of such bird. It is also called a Water Thrush and is in the Warbler Family. It gets it's name from it's nest building, it looks like an oven. Here we made jokes thinking it was a type of chicken or Turkey served for dinner. We walked around the preserve a couple of times, different ways maybe a 3mile walk. When we returned back to the parking lot it started to snow huge snowflakes and covered the ground completely and beautifully while we sat by a big bay window and ate. We ate at Dravenstotts in Orrville and had a great time. Thank you again, may the forest be with you. Greg Gottshall"
  • Jan 21 (Sat) - 9am-11am start times - 47th Annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike ~ The attendance was down due to the snow and ice storm, but 2,265 hikers still showed up to see the winter wonderland. [5,417 attended in 2010] ~ not a club function.
  • Jan 8 (Sun) - 1pm - Deb Berkshire led a dayhike on the towpath from Butterbridge Trailhead to Canal Fulton. 
  • Dec 4 (Sun) - 2pm - Charlie Daigen led a dayhike in the CVNP, starting at the Pine Lane Trailhead.
  • Nov 20 (Sun) 1pm - Monique led a 3+ mile dayhike at Mohican.
  • Nov 6 (Sun) 2pm - Charlie Daigen led a dayhike at Chapin Forest Reservation in Lake County.
  • Oct 23 (Sun) 2pm - Larry H. led a group of 15 on a hike at the Hunter Tree Farm near Nashville, OH. 
  • Oct 2 (Sun) 10am - Salt Fork State Park Hikes ~ led by Dan A. & Joe R.
  • Sep 18 (Sun) - 2pm - Donna Zintek led a hike at Alderfer-Oenslager - 6100 Ridge Rd. in Medina, OH
  • Sep 11 (Sun) 2pm - Day hike to Adam's Run (Hampton Hills Metro Park) led by June B.
  • Aug 21 (Sun) - 2pm - Janice T. led a hike on the Salamander Looop Trail at the Brecksville Reservation Nature Center.
  • Aug 7 (Sun) - 2pm - Ken & Cheryl led the Doughty Gorge hike with 19 attending. 
  • Jul 24 (Sun) - 2pm - Gary Auman - "walk on water" hike at Summit Lake.
  • Jul 16 (Sat) - 7:30pm - Paul & Linda led a moonlight canoe trip starting at Ernie's Bike Shop, Lake Ave. Trailhead, in Massillon.
  • Jul 10 (Sun) - 2pm - Ken & Cheryl led a trip to Oak Hill - Plateau Trail Hike in CVNP 
  • Jun 5 (Sun) - 2pm - Marty Smith led a hike on the Ohio Erie Canal.
  • May 15 (Sun) - 2pm - A hike of all the TWC trails led by Becky Soehnlen.
  • May 1 (Sun) - 2pm - Day hike at Isaac Walton led by Fritz and Alice Schmitthenner.
  • Apr 16 (Sat) - 6:30pm the Mutchlers led an adult "FULL Moon night hike" on the towpath.
  • Apr 3 (Sun) - 10:00am Charlie & Paul led a different type hike in beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park starting at Station Road Bridge parking lot.
  • Mar 20 (Sun) - 2:00pm - Day hike at Wooster Memorial Park led by DDonna Zintek.
  • Mar 6 (Sun) - The winter picnic in CVNP led by Paul and Dan turned out to be a grand time.
  • Feb 20 (Sun) - Ken & Cherly led a day hike at Quail Hollow State Park, Hartville, OH.
  • Feb 5 (Sat) - 10am - 31st Annual Winter Hike at Findley State Park.
  • Jan 16 (Sun) - Sippo Lake hike led by Joe Ress.
  • Jan 15 - Hocking Hills Winter Hike

Past Backpacking Trips

  • Jul 26-27 - Ken and Cheryl led a leisureley summer backpack trip in Minister Creek in Pennsylvania. Suitable for beginners. This trip was based on the Leave No Trace ethic.
  • Jul 26-Aug ?? - Western backpacking trip to Medicine Bow, WY. Stories to tell of 36 hours of rain, being stuck in tents 14 hours, etc.
  • Jun 27-29 - Bill M led a backpacking trip to Hickory Creek, PA. "Three of us headed over to Minister Creek to spend Friday night before heading out Saturday to the overlook, then West over to the artesian well at "Coyote Springs" on the North Country Trail.  We were surprised to find the North Country Trail re-routed a bit SW of camp to circumvent a logged area.  Another surprise was the presence of a new shelter at Coyote Springs. On Sunday, we continued back to Minister Creek VIA North Country Trail. Heavy rains prior to the trip washed out a new bridge at triple fork. It was great hiking weather and beautiful scenery."
  • May 23-26 - Scott O. led a Backpacking trip to Dolly Sods, WV. They left on Friday, the 23rd, as early as everyone was able. It's about a 5 1/2 hour drive (plus time to stop for dinner) to the Bear Rocks parking area in the northeast corner of the Dolly Sods Wilderness area. They hiked an 18 mile loop starting Friday night and finishing up Monday morning. The mileage each day was not as long as some of the trips we've been doing, so this gave them more time for enjoying the scenery and taking pictures! Also, Friday nights hike in, and Monday mornings hike out was kept short to allow for more driving time. map of the route.
  • Apr 25-27 - Seven backpackers enjoyed a great hike on the Willow Bay trip. The trip over was a little wet, raining the whole way. It finally stopped sometime during the night, and the rest of the trip was dry and cool. Just right for hiking. After shuttling the vehicles to both ends we started heading north at the rt. 346 trail head near the Pa. border. One mile and seven hundred feet up we crossed into New York. The trail was well maintained and easy to follow, so we made very good time. There were many signs and sounds of woodpeckers, we jumped woodcock,and heard grouse flush. About 4 o’clock and 10.5 miles we found a nice place to camp. Fixed supper and spent the night around a warm fire. We were all pretty tired after that hike, so we turned fairly early. The next morning we woke up refreshed and ready to go by 8:30. We finished out the last 4.5 miles by noon. We shuttled back to the beginning, freshen up and started heading home.We stopped at the first gas station we found to fill up and got a good tip on where to eat. That was one heck of a meal. For never having done this trip before I would have to say it turned out quite well. Beautiful area, good hiking, and great people to be with. Thanks for going everyone.---- Dan A. ---
  • Mar 28-30 - 3 people showed up for Car Camping at Fernwood State Park & day hiking at Jefferson Lake, OH - Map
  • Nov 1-3 Backpacking trip to the Black Forest Trail, PA. 
  • Sep 27-29 - Dan A. led a Backpacking trip with four people on the west loop of the Allegheny Front Trail [in the Black Moshannon forest in Pa.] They camped Friday night at the trailhead - had perfect backpacking weather - and all enjoyed the trip.
  • Aug 17-18 Charlie D. led a canoe trip down the Grand River in Ashtabula County. Starting at the headwaters, near Shaffer Rdd., they paddled downstream for about 6 hours to River Glen where they camped for the evening. The next day they continued to Harpersfield in about 5 hours. 
  • Aug 9-11 Backpacking trip to Otter Creek in WV. We drove to the Bear Haven Campground Friday evening. On Saturday we headed up the East route to camp at our 'normal' site near the Moore Run Trail. On Sunday, we returned back to the cars via the Otter Creek Trail.
  • Jun 14-16 Backpacking trip to the Susquehanna Trail System. There was a large group with 12 people and one dog attending. Several backpackers from the NEOHBC joined in. The trail maintainer for that section led the hike. It was a bit damp as it rain a lot the previous day, but the weather was good. The coyotes were howling close by Saturday night. There were fresh bear tracks on the trail, but no bears were spotted. We gained two new members as a result of the trip.
  • May 24-27 (Memorial Day) Backpacking trip to Cranberry, WV [Brochure] [Map]
  • Apr 26-28 Backpacking trip to Laurel Highlands, PA
  • Mar 22-24 Dan B. led a Backpacking trip to Minister Creek, PA

  • Oct 26-28  - Backpacking Trip to Minister Creek, PA .. cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • Sep 28-30 - Backpacking Trip to Otter Creek, WV led by Dan B. The four of us stopped in Weirton W.Va. for the famous lasagna at Marino’s served only on Friday nights.  We then went to Horseshoe camp in W.Va. thinking of discovering a place to use then and in the future near Parsons but found it closed (out of season) so we continued on to the trailhead at Turkey Run and camped there.  On the way out, we looked over the camping opportunities at Big Spring Gap trailhead and found it provided several spots on a railroad grade back from the road which should be considered in the future.  We then drove to the Otter Creek Trailhead and began our hike there using the largest cable walking bridge I have ever been on to cross Dry Fork River.  We proceeded up Otter Creek past roaring falls, lots of rhododendron and ferns on an easy trail to Moore Run where we stopped for lunch by an impressive falls.  We continued on past the high falls, on to our usual camp near Moor Run trail intersection (7.3 mi.) We had two crossings through Otter Creek with water levels near normal, albeit rather cold. With darkness somewhat early this time of year, we collected sufficient firewood to last the evening and settled in for dinner and an enjoyable evening.  Sunday we headed up Possession Camp Trail which was a near effortless trek on a railroad bed to Green Mountain Trail.  We enjoyed beautiful vistas along the trail of early fall colors in the higher elevations. The trek down was a bit rocky and steep with everyone thankful to see Otter Creek Trail once again for the short hike out to the car. (17 mi. trip total).  We were held up on the road by 4 turkeys working their way across. The Steer Restaurant in Elkins provided a hearty buffet on the way home.  We had perfect hiking weather on this trip with partly cloudy days and cool weather. - Bill Miller
  • Aug 31-Sep 3 - Labor Day Weekend Backpacking Trip to Pine Creek / West Rim, PA .. cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • Jul 12-22 - Banff National area: The group arrived at Lake Louise Campground on Saturday, July 12. The first outing was to Takakkaw Falls and some hiked the Iceline Trail with up-close views of glaciers. Monday we were shuttled to our trail head at 7200 ft. to begin our backpack portion of the trip. We started through one of the largest alpine meadows in the world which retained patches of snow and towering mountains all around. After ascending Citadel pass, we hiked to Og Lake for a distance of 13 miles. The next day took us to our 2 day campsite goal at Lake Magog with Mt. Assiniboine towering above us at 11,867 ft. On Thursday, we hiked 16 miles out to our shuttle at Mt. Shark and then headed for pizza in nearby Canmore. Friday took us past Moraine Lake to Sentinel Pass for views of Paradise Valley. Saturday was a car tour of the Icefields highway through Jasper National Park before we headed back to Calgary where we would fly home the next morning. Bill
  • Jun 22-24 - Backpacking Trip was to be to Dolly Sods, WV .. cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • May 25-28 - Backpacking Trip to North Fork, WV - We had planned on camping at the Red Creek Campground but found there were only 12 campsites & all were full. We came back the access road a bit and pulled over to a trail head parking area and spent the night camped there. The hike started at US 33 atop North Fork Mt. heading North. The weather was near-perfect for hiking with temperatures atop the mountain in the 70's and some breeze along the ridge. The first night's camp looked seldom used. It was situated a short distance from a 200 ft. cliff and experienced a small sprinkle as we rested from our hike. After dinner, we started a campfire and took a short walk to a vista for an evening view. Unbeknown to us, a small black bear had wandered between us and the camp, seen the camp and was running away from it. All we heard was a whomp whomp whomp as it came toward us full out. When it neared to about 20 ft. & I called out Bear, Bear and it must have thought "Good Lord! People everywhere!" as it turned down the hill. On Sunday, we headed to our second camp, stopping at my car to replenish our water. On Monday, we continued to the end of the 28 mile hike with an impressive downhill at the end. We had a nice dinner in Elkins on the way home. Bill
  • Apr 27-29 - Backpacking Trip to Quebec Run Wild Area, PA -- cancelled due to lack of interest and weather forecast.
  • Mar 23-25 - Bill M. led a group of nine to Lamping Homestead  (OH) Point 18 - BTA Road Fork Section
  • Feb 24-26 - Bill M. led a group of four to Oil Creek, PA - [map]. We ended up with only 4 hikers venturing out on this Winter trip which meant that we could all go in one car. ~ The drive over to Oil Creek included a stop at Kings for dinner.  We arrived Friday evening about 9:30 PM.  Parking at the access road to our shelter was as far as the road was plowed.  There was about 3 inches of snow on the ground and the promise of some more overnight.  We arrived at the shelter to find that there was no split wood normally present at the shelters, but there was cut logs and a maul at the wood shelter.  We arranged the tarps over the openings aside the fireplace and worked to get a nice fire going by the time we turned in.  Through the night, the wind picked up and more snow fell with some mist blowing into the shelter but not enough to be a bother. ~ On Saturday, we had breakfast and got an early start heading back to the car.  There was now about 7 inches of snow on the steep unplowed road, but we were confident the car could manage to get out so we continued on to the trail crossing on Miller road.  We hiked down the road to the paved bike trail for our counterclockwise trek to Cow Run Shelter.  Anytime the wind picked up, the snow fell from the trees sometimes quite intense.  The forest was beautiful with snow on all the limbs of the trees. After crossing the bike bridge over Cow Run Creek, we followed the railroad tracks avoiding the trudge up and down one hill.  From there, we had a very pleasant hike on trail to the shelter. ~ At Cow Run Shelter, there was a volunteer couple splitting wood who even offered their wagon for us to supply the shelter's fuel.  We had the tarps up and the shelter warmed up nicely.  After supper, we traded off the spots in front of the fire and enjoyed the evening.  Saturday night was far less windy and we got a couple more inches of snow.  We had reserved a second shelter expecting more than 4 people on the trip, so when I saw a couple guys considering the extra shelter, I told them that I had it reserved with no plans to use so they were welcome to use it without concern.  They almost couldn't believe their good fortune. ~ On Sunday, the trail had more evidence of travel and the warmer weather was working on the snow.  We had no problems driving out for another meal at Kings before heading home. ~ Over all, it was better than we could normally hope for on a February trip. Bill Miller  
  • Jan - no hike.
  • Dec - no hike.
  • Nov - no hike.
  • Oct 28-30 - Hickory Creek, PA led by Bill M. 
  • Sep 23-25 - Mid-State trail north of Poe Paddy State Park in PA led by Dan A.
  • Sep 2-5 Cranberry, WV led by Bob G.
  • Aug Trip Report - Western Trip - High Uintas Wilderness led by Bill M.
  • Jul 22-24 - Quehanna in PA led by Bill M.
  • Jun 24-26 - Allegheny Front Trail in PA led by Dan B
  • May 27-29 - Black Forest, PA led by Bill M.
  • Apr 30-May 4 - Great Smoky Mountains Trip  led by Bill M.
  • Mar 25-27 - Lamping Homestead led by 
  • Feb - no hike.
  • Jan - no hike.

Members - 2014

... no current list


* ALDHA Summer newsletter - Cover story about the search in Maine for Geraldine Largay.

* U.S. Debt in hiking terms. Start at Springer Mountain with $10,000 "bricks" of one hundred $100 bills. Face north and lay the "bricks" ten wide and ten long. You would now have a hiking path 26.1" wide and 61.4" long containing $1 million. Continue paving north and just before you arrive at Big Stamp Gap / USFS 42, you would reach $1 billion. Continue paving north through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and most of Virginia. You would reach the $1 trillion mark just before you arrived at the Jim & Molly Denton Shelter (969.1 miles). To represent the current $17+ trillion dollars of U.S. Total Public Debt Outstanding - you could finish paving all 2,185.9 miles of the Appalachian Trail, 3,100 miles of the Continental Divide Trail, 2,654 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, 1,444 miles of the Buckeye Trail in Ohio, 1,400 miles of the Florida Trail, 1,000 miles of the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin, 790 miles of the Arizona Trail, 562 miles of the Finger Lakes Trail in western New York, 500 miles of the Colorado Trail, 330 miles of the Allegheny Trail in West Virginia, 300 miles of the Benton MacKaye Trail, 295 miles of the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama, 282 miles of the Sheltowee Trace Trail in Kentucky, 270 miles of the Long Trail in Vermont, 211 miles of the John Muir Trail in California, 205 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota, 92 miles of the Midstate Trail in Massachusetts, 85 miles of the Susquehannock Trail in Pennsylvania, 70 miles of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in Pennsylvania, 33 miles of the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska.


Membership - MUST also be a member of
  The Wilderness Center. 
Checks: TWC Backpacker Club ($7.00)

Name(s): ____________________
Address: ____________________
City/St/Zip: __________________
Phone: ______________________
Email: ______________________
Please [_] Mail [_] Email Newsletter
    Fill out and bring to a meeting...

The Wilderness Center
Backpackers and Dayhikers Club
Backpackers' Trip Blanket Release Form

  As a participant in overnight trips, I am in physical, mental and emotional readiness for the rigors of the experience. As a participant in outdoor adventure sports, I realize that the fun of these sports holds certain hazards and inconveniences. I realize that I am dealing with the forces of nature and that I am dependent on myself alone to survive safely. I have adequately prepared and equipped myself for the challenges of such adventure. And deviation from equipment recommended by the trip leader is my decision, at my own risk.

  I hold harmless The Wilderness Center and the Backpacking Club, their officers, staff, and associates; the trip leaders; and fellow participants; from any physical, mental, or emotional injury which results from participating in a trip. I ask that all relatives, heirs, insurance carriers, and all others consider this document morally, if not legally, binding. I ask that they also hold harmless The Wilderness Center and the Backpacking Club officers, staff, associates; trip leaders; fellow participants; from any injury which results in participating in a trip.

  I agree that if the trip leader determines I am not prepared for the rigors of the trip, or that I am not properly equipped, then I will agree not to participate.


The Wilderness Center
Backpackers and Dayhikers Club
General Club Policy
  1. All members must have a signed policy and blanket release on file.
  2. It is expected that participants will voluntarily judge their own abilities for a given trip. Not all trips are suitable for all members. Trip difficulties range from leisurely to strenuous off-trail bushwhacks. Trips will be rated for difficulty and/or experience level; however, changing weather conditions and time of year can easily change these ratings within hours. If you are unsure, ask trip leaders or other experienced club members.
  3. It is recommended that new club members and/or guests seek out the trip leaders and/or other club members prior to the first tip so we may ascertain your level of competence.
  4. You are expected to be self-reliant and prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each individual is expected to have appropriate equipment for the given trip. The backpacking club will provide a minimum equipment list required as requested.
  5. Participants must inform trip leader if they are planning to go on an overnight trip. They must inform trip leader of any condition that would affect their abilities. Trip leaders have the right to request that the unprepared or ill equipped person not participate on a given trip for safety reasons. Anyone coming unprepared jeopardizes their own health and safety and because of the extra burden, jeopardizes the health and safety of all other participants.
  6. Club members sometimes organize additional major backpack trips. The extended nature of these trips involves considerably more planning and preparedness than the usual weekend outing, and also presents the potential for increased danger. For these trips, the trip leaders or planning committee may set their own criteria to judge the suitability of participants to help insure everyone's safety, health and enjoyment. Special needs for equipment, physical conditioning, etc. may also be required. On many trips, participants may be limited in number because of trail regulations, ecological concerns, or to be consistent with minimum impact camping guidelines.
  7. Alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, and weapons are not permitted on club trips. This is a Wilderness Center policy, which affects all associated clubs.
  8. Good backpacking manners preclude bring "boom boxes", gasoline lanterns, and other items which detract from the wilderness experience of the group. If you insist on bringing a cell phone, the ringers must be turned off.
  9. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for and must accompany minors. An adult with written permission and written authorization for emergency medical treatment may accompany a minor in place of a parent or legal guardian. Adult must confirm with the trip leader in advance. Trip leader has the right to request they not come.
  10. After their first trip, all participants wishing to continue are expected to become members of The Wilderness Center and the Backpacking and Dayhikers Club. Dues for the backpacking club are set by the Executive Committee and are collected for each address to which materials are sent this covers the cost of mailings and some long-distance telephone calls required in trip planning. Dues are requested each January and are due at the time a person joins the club. They are not prorated.
  11. The TWC Backpackers and Dayhikers support the concept of minimum impact camping. All participants are expected to show sincere concern for protecting the ecological and scenic integrity of the places we visit.
  12. Each individual is responsible for bringing his or her own first aid kit. Items suggested for the first aid kit are included in the equipment list.
  13. Each individual is required to complete a personal medical information card and keep it in his or her pack on all club trips. The card will be provided by the trip leaders.
Approved by Club membership at the regular meeting on 3/16/90; to be effective 4/20/90.
Revised Summer 2001



  1. Allegheny Forest, PA - N 41° 37.274' W 79° 09.190' - 10/98, 3/97, 12/96, 11/95, 11/92
    - Allegheny Hiking Trails
  2. Allegheny Front Trail, PA
  3. Archer's Fork, OH - N 39° 30.985' W 81° 12.709 - 50 Hikes - OH - #29 p147 - 9.5 mi - 6hrs - 375' rise - 3/10, 7/05, 3/96 
  4. Arizona - 03/02 - Strenuous - 10 Day 
  5. Bear Run, PA - N 39° 54.480' W 79° 27.550' - 50 Hikes - W PA - #14 p70 - 8.8 mi - 5+ hrs - 1,160' rise - 4/04, 8/02, 4/01, 4/00 - Easy - 3 Day - Near "Falling Water" 
  6. Black Forest, PA - 6/05, 10/02, 9/99, 9/94, 10/92 - Strenuous - 3 Day 
  7. Bucktail Path, PA - 6/10
  8. Buzzard Swamp Trail, PA
  9. Canaan Valley, WV - WV Guide - p70 - 13 mi - Bald Knob stren. - 2/98, 2/97, 2/96 
  10. Chapin Forest, OH - N 41° 35.367' W 81° 22.209' 
  11. Chuck Keiper Trail, PA - 2/00 
  12. Clear Creek, PA (Kennerdell) - 08/10
  13. Conkles Hollow - N 39° 27.255' W 82° 34.481' - 50 Hikes - OH - #5 p41 - 3.5 mi - 3 hrs - 230' rise 
  14. Cooke Forest SP, PA - 2/05
  15. Cranberry, WV - N 38° 17.708' W 80° 31.441' - WV Guide - p118 - 70 miles in 10 trails - 5/09, 5/04, 5/01, 5/98, 7/97, 5/95, 7/94 
  16. Delaware Water Gap, PA - Mod-Strenuous - 4 Day 
  17. Dolly Sods, WV - N 39° 01.946' W 79° 18.878' - WV Guide - p56 - 28mi total unmarked trails - 5/10, 7/98, 6/97, 6/96, 6/93 - Moderate - 3 Day  (Brochure)
  18. East Fork, OH - N 39° 00.389' W 84° 08.453' - 50 Hikes - OH - #39 p204 - 14 mi - 8 hrs - 125' rise - 6/02 - Moderate - 3 Day 
  19. Glade Creek, WV - WV Guide - p181 - 14 miles on 4 trails - 7/99 
  20. Grand Canyon Trip Planner
  21. Hickory Creek, PA - N 41° 41.482' W 79° 15.491' - 50 Hikes - W PA - #32 p139 - 11.6 mi - 7 hrs - 1,030' rise - 5/04, 4/022, 11/01, 6/00, 7/92 - Easy - 3 Day
  22. Jefferson Lake, OH - 02/09
  23. Kennerdell, PA - 11/05, 10/04 
  24. Lake Vesuvius, OH - N 38° 36.909' W 82° 37.457' - 50 Hikes - OH - #33 p167 - 8mi - 5hrs - 338' rise - 3/01, 11/93 - Park @ Iron Ridge Campsite
  25. Lamping Homestead, OH - N 39° 37.840' W 81° 11.444' - 50 Hikes - OH - #30 p154 - 3.25mi - 2.5hrs - 240' rise - 2/04, 2/95, 2/93
  26. Laurel Highlands, PA - N40° 24.613' W79° 00.273' - 13.3 miles - 4/09, 3/04, 3/02, 7/01, 11/99, 11/98, 11/97, 11/96 - Moderate - 3 Day
  27. Logan Trail, OH (BSA) - N 39° 22.966' W 82° 44.749' 
  28. Mid State Trail, PA - N 40° 49.330' W 77° 28.373' - 50 Hikes - C PA - #49 p203 - 27.8 mi - 3 days - 5,020' rise - 85 meter tunnel! 
  29. Minister Creek, PA - N 41° 37.285' W 79° 09.160' - 50 Hikes - W PA - #27 p121 - 6.3 mi - 4+ hrs - 1,030' rise - 11/04, 12//02, 12/01, 11/00, 4/99, 4/98, 4/97, 4/96, 4/95, 4/94, 4/93 - "Off-Trail" - Strenuous - 3 Day
  30. Morgan Sisters/Symmes Creek, OH
  31. Mt. Adams, WA - 8/09
  32. Mt. Rogers, VA - 7/02, 9/92 - Strenuous - 4 Day
  33. North Country Trail, PA - 6/95, 6/94, 6/93, 6/92
  34. North Fork Mtn Trail, WV - N 38° 58.904' W 79° 13.871' - WV Guide - p50-56 - 24 mi - 1way - no water - 5/05, 5/02, 8/97, 8/96 - Moderate - 4 Day
  35. Northern Cascades - 7/02 - Strenuous - 9 Day
  36. Oak Openings, OH - N 41° 32.645' W 83° 50.643' 
  37. Oil Creek, PA - [map] 50 Hikes - W PA - #46 p190 - 5.3 mi - 3 hrs - 950' rise - 3//05, 3/00 - Moderate - 3 Day
  38. O'Neil Woods, OH - N 41° 10.250' W 81° 35.465'
  39. Otter Creek, WV - N 39° 02.646' W 79° 39.784' - WV Guide - p82 - 45 mi on 11 trails - 9/09, 8/05, 9/04, 9/02, 10/01, 8/00, 9/99, 9/96, 7/95 - Moderate - 3 Day 
  40. PA Park Maps
  41. PA Reservations
  42. Penn-Rosevelt SP, PA - 06/01
  43. Pictured Rocks National  Lakeshore
  44. Pine Creek, PA - N 41° 33.432' W 77° 22.859' - 9/05, 7/97, 5/96 - To PA Grand Canyon!
  45. Presidential Range, NH - 07/10
  46. Quahanna, PA - N 41° 11.637' W 78° 30.636' - 50 Hikes - C PA - #50 p209 - 76.2 mi - 7 days - 9,790' rise - 4/05, 6/99, 8/95, 8/93
  47. Quebec Run Wild Area, PA
  48. Racoon Creek, PA - 50 Hikes - W PA - #44 p181 - 8.3 mi - 5 hrs - 780' rise - 6/04 
  49. Red Creek Gorge, KY - Daniel Boone National Forest.  (11x17 Map)
  50. Red Creek, WV - 8/04
  51. Rimrock Morrison, PA - N 41° 51.728' W 78° 53.807' - 10/05, 7/02, 8/01, 7/00, 9/97, 10/94 - Easy - 3 Day
  52. Roan Mountain, NC-TN - 8/02, 5/99 - Strenuous - 4 Day 
  53. Roaring Plains, WV - N 38° 57.649' W 79° 21.206' - WV Guide - p59 - 8/01, 5/00, 5/97, 8/96, 5/93, 5/92 - ?? - 4 Day
  54. Savage River State Forest, MD - 06/98 - Moderate - 4 Day
  55. Seneca Creek, PA - 12/99
  56. Shawnee State Forest
  57. - Backpacking Trails Map
  58. - Forest Map
  59. Shawnee Turkey Creek, OH - N 38° 43.834' W 83° 10.889' - 50 Hikes - OH - #27 p130 - 7-36mi - 1-7d - 682' rise - 10/00, 10/95, 10/93, 3/92
  60. Sheltowee Trace - KY
  61. Sky Meadows SP, VA - ?? - 4 Day
  62. Spruce Knob, WV - N 38° 51.876' W 79° 33.485' - WV Guide - p62 - 70 miles in 18 trails - WV High point 4,861' - 5/94<
  63. Susquehannock Trail, PA - N 41° 46.114' W 77° 52.267'
  64. TanBark Trail, PA - N 41° 41.482' W 79° 15.491' - 9/01
  65. Tar Hollow, PA - 10/99, 10/97, 10/96, 3/95
  66. Teton Crest Trail
  67. Tracy Ridge, PA - (trail map) 50 Hikes - W PA - #31 p136 - 10.3 mi - 5+ hrs - 1,200' rise - 09/10, 3/09, 7/96
  68. Twin Lakes Trail, PA - N 41° 36.75' W 78° 45.71' - 14.7 miles
  69. Wildcat Hollow, OH - [msp] N39° 34.47' W82° 01.97' - 50 Hikes - OH - #34 p172 - 4.5-13 mi - 3-8 hrs - 350' rise - 10/09, 9/98, 3/94, 4/92
  70. Zaleski, OH (Lake Hope) - N39° 19.923' W82° 20.399' - 50 Hikes - OH - #35 p177 - 10-23.5 mi - 6h-3d - 307' rise - 8/09, 11/02, 9/00, 3/98, 9/95, 3/93 - Strenuous - 3 Day
Bob Geiser, webpages