The Wilderness Center
Backpackers and Dayhikers Club
General Club Policy
  1. All members must have a signed policy and blanket release on file.
  2. It is expected that participants will voluntarily judge their own abilities for a given trip. Not all trips are suitable for all members. Trip difficulties range from leisurely to strenuous off-trail bushwhacks. Trips will be rated for difficulty and/or experience level; however, changing weather conditions and time of year can easily change these ratings within hours. If you are unsure, ask trip leaders or other experienced club members.
  3. It is recommended that new club members and/or guests seek out the trip leaders and/or other club members prior to the first tip so we may ascertain your level of competence.
  4. You are expected to be self-reliant and prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. Each individual is expected to have appropriate equipment for the given trip. The backpacking club will provide a minimum equipment list required as requested.
  5. Participants must inform trip leader if they are planning to go on an overnight trip. They must inform trip leader of any condition that would affect their abilities. Trip leaders have the right to request that the unprepared or ill equipped person not participate on a given trip for safety reasons. Anyone coming unprepared jeopardizes their own health and safety and because of the extra burden, jeopardizes the health and safety of all other participants.
  6. Club members sometimes organize additional major backpack trips. The extended nature of these trips involves considerably more planning and preparedness than the usual weekend outing, and also presents the potential for increased danger. For these trips, the trip leaders or planning committee may set their own criteria to judge the suitability of participants to help insure everyone's safety, health and enjoyment. Special needs for equipment, physical conditioning, etc. may also be required. On many trips, participants may be limited in number because of trail regulations, ecological concerns, or to be consistent with minimum impact camping guidelines.
  7. Alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, and weapons are not permitted on club trips. This is a Wilderness Center policy, which affects all associated clubs.
  8. Good backpacking manners preclude bring "boom boxes", gasoline lanterns, and other items which detract from the wilderness experience of the group. If you insist on bringing a cell phone, the ringers must be turned off.
  9. Parents or legal guardians are responsible for and must accompany minors. An adult with written permission and written authorization for emergency medical treatment may accompany a minor in place of a parent or legal guardian. Adult must confirm with the trip leader in advance. Trip leader has the right to request they not come.
  10. After their first trip, all participants wishing to continue are expected to become members of The Wilderness Center and the Backpacking and Dayhikers Club. Dues for the backpacking club are set by the Executive Committee and are collected for each address to which materials are sent this covers the cost of mailings and some long-distance telephone calls required in trip planning. Dues are requested each January and are due at the time a person joins the club. They are not prorated.
  11. The TWC Backpackers and Dayhikers support the concept of minimum impact camping. All participants are expected to show sincere concern for protecting the ecological and scenic integrity of the places we visit.
  12. Each individual is responsible for bringing his or her own first aid kit. Items suggested for the first aid kit are included in the equipment list.
  13. Each individual is required to complete a personal medical information card and keep it in his or her pack on all club trips. The card will be provided by the trip leaders.
Approved by Club membership at the regular meeting on 3/16/90; to be effective 4/20/90.
Revised Summer 2001